Notts Second Best for Employers

Graduate vacancies on the rise and Notts is a hotspot

The UK’s top employers have named Nottingham as their second most popular uni for graduate recruitment.

A report shows the top 100 graduate employers are focusing on a handful of top universities, with Nottingham securing second spot in the stellar line-up. We’re well above the Oxbridge unis, but fall behind Warwick in first place.

Nottingham’s profile seems to be growing. Last year we placed fourth in the same report.

While the results are promising for Notts, there is still a long way to go before grad jobs reach their pre-recession levels. The number of vacancies is still 11% lower than in 2007.

But hope it is sight. While graduate vacancies at the leading employers fell last year by 0.8%, they are expected to rise again this year by 2.7%.

The average starting salary has not risen for four years, sitting at £29,000. If you’re looking for the biggest salary possible, investments banks are offering around £45,000. Grads in the public sector might take longer to pay off those debts, with ‘only’ £22,000 on offer.

The report by High Fliers Research showed that, despite academic achievements, gradu employers were more likely to hire people with work experience.

As a result, 80% of the leading employers said they are increasing the number of paid work experience placements, with a record 11,387 places available.

The top employers were Teach First, who offered 1,260 vacancies, followed by Deloitte and PwC with 1,200 each.