UEA has cancelled graduation and final years are fuming

‘I think it’s absolutely outstandingly stupid to cancel graduation instead of postponing’

Today UEA’s Vice-Chancellor sent an email informing students the 2020 graduation was cancelled.

It states: “It is with great sadness that I had to take the decision to cancel July’s Graduation ceremonies.”

In comparison, other universities have chosen to postpone the ceremony. The University of Southampton announced: “Summer Graduations are being postponed until further notice so that we have a longer academic year to ensure the successful completion of our students’ education.”

Durham University decided to keep arrangements “under careful review” but has also said: “students will be given the opportunity to attend ceremonies at a later date.”

UEA said: “We will explore if there are options in the future to mark and celebrate your hard work when we are in a position to do so.”

One very upset third-year told The Norwich Tab: “They’ve used the word ‘if’ instead of ‘when’ So they appear to be saying in not so many words that it is completely cancelled.

“Students need stability as much as possible right now. Having really negative news at this moment doesn’t help.

“Graduation is a time to feel proud and with third years working through a never-before-seen pandemic graduation should be even MORE special, and MORE celebrated.”

Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous told The Norwich Tab: “The email reads like there isn’t the slightest bit of hope of rescheduling and now I just want to give up and almost don’t want my degree anymore.”

They said they feel their degree has totalled to “2.5 years” due to UCU Strikes and the Coronavirus, adding they thought it was “premature to cancel” as the government guidelines, the email mentions, bring “us to mid-June”.

They added: “I’ve loved my time at UEA but right now all my motivation has been wiped out and I, now, feel I have nothing to work towards.”