UEA BNOC 2018: The Final

Nearly as large as the World Cup

We put out 3 rounds of BNOCs and you've been voting in your masses for who you want to be crowned UEA BNOC of 2018.

We've totted up the votes from rounds 1, 2 and 3, and now it's time for you to decide your ultimate winner, so let's find out who the winners from the first rounds were and remind you why there were nominated!

Alice Martin, First year, History and Politics

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Alice is a well-known face of UEA women's rugby and was the winner of round 1, and it's clear why.

Her nominations said: "You cannot walk on to campus with this girl without having to stop every two minutes to speak to a different person she knows. How does she know everyone? Most of the time through her drunk shenanigans whether that's trying to get on stage trying to be a MC, break/start fights or organised dances with her rugby girls on a sports night.

"Alice is always out with a record of being drunk for a solid month in first semester of first year. She is loved by her rugby girls, being elected second team captain for the next coming year. Top lad who deserves to be BNOC."

Henry Rowe, Second year, Culture, Literature and Politics

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Henry was our round 2 winner, after being nominated for his great moves and his infamous injury at a pres which saw him have to take the rest of the year out.

"Henry’s an absolute lad. He’s a big name amongst his friendship group and loved by all. He nearly died at the last pres he was at and is off of uni right now but is finessing his recovery like the BNOC he is! Another massive factor of his BNOC status would be his sublime dance moves, as the only guy on UEA Royal’s committee the women of UEA love him.

"He won UEA’s Got Talent last year for his dancing and did this lean on the LCR stage, no sticky floor needed. Think he caught a VK in the LCR once but I might be making that up…"

Florence Pond, second year, Intercultural comminations and Business Management

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Winner of round 3 was Florence, who is the incoming president of UEANC and 'queen of sports night' according to one nomination.

"First year of Tour she was given the Dark Horse of Tour award and kept this reputation going ever since, having never missed a sports night – even with a broken ankle. "

"Whether you see her there, or on a date at the Campus Kitchen, Flo will never fail to entertain. Eventhough no-one seems to have heard of her course, she somehow seems to know everyone and anyone. "

"This girl is Miss UEANC! Known as a queen not only on the netball court but also in the depths of Blue Bar, you will see Flo strutting her stuff around campus with an angelic smile that really is quite deceitful."

So that rounds of our semi final contenders, get voting to decide your 2018 UEA BNOC!