Everything to look forward to now you’ve finished exams

Freedom is finally yours

The past few weeks have been hell for most of us (apart from those annoying English lit students that don't have exams, bastards).

The library has become a hotbed of annoying, stressed and sleep deprived students; you haven't had a proper meal in weeks; and you can't quite remember the last time you did any washing.

But don't worry, we're here to provide you with a list of things to look forward to for when you finally finish.

Actually spending time by the lake

You can now finally be one of those smug people who go and lie by the lake all day and sunbathe. You can finally have that barbecue you've been dreaming about since the beginning of May. You can play frisbee, maybe buy a paddling pool or do it all.

But lets be honest, this is Norwich so as soon as you finish the good weather fucks off and it rains for three weeks straight. Oh well.

All this is yours to enjoy! … maybe

All this is yours to enjoy! … maybe


You can finally stop sleeping on your notes in the library at 2 am, and instead use that big square shaped thing in your bedroom instead.

Also, on a related note:

Not having to get up before midday

I'm sorry, you want me to be up before the afternoon? Excuse you. Over my dead body am I going to spend any of my time being awake in the mornings thank you very much.

Never having to step foot in the library for the rest of the year

No longer do you have to sit in that giant sweat box till the wee hours of the early morning. Not even to pay your library fine; just pay it in September or send your mate in to do it for you. You're done with that library.

Never have to see this view again

Never have to see this view again

Day Drinking

But like, without the sense of guilt and/or dread that you got when you realise you that should really be revising. Or instead experience that lovely feeling when you can wake up after a night out and realise you can just roll over and go back to sleep because this bitch got no more shit to learn.

Binge watching Netflix

You'll finally be able to understand all those 13 reasons why memes all your friends have been tagging each other in. You'll be able to join everyone in either bitching about Riverdale, or drooling over Cole Sprouse. Or just do both.

Or you just do what I did and continue watching all those shows, but without having to feel guilty about it.

Happiness in a photo tbh

Happiness in a photo tbh

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