Student questioned by counter-terrorism police over ISIS propaganda

A Politics module had listed the sites as required reading

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An unfortunate third year Politics student has been questioned by the university for downloading ISIS propaganda on their professor’s orders. 

The autumn semester module had told students to download copies of Dabiq and Inspire, publications which attempt to recruit jihadists from the west.

A university spokesperson said: “The University can confirm that a politics student taking the Clash of Fundamentalisms module was questioned last week after clicking on a link to a website.”

The statement continued: “The site analyses and challenges the publications of extremist ideologies.

“The legitimate academic study of such causes is fundamental to countering them, however this particular link has now been removed from the course materials.

“We will continue to work with our partners to avoid any future issues arising.”

The propaganda was uploaded onto Blackboard before students were told to delete it as a top priority.

It seems one student, however, had already clicked on the link.

Module conveners have been contacted for comment.