Alice Cachia

Alice Cachia


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Chocolate at Christmas was the start of my recovery from anorexia, and the end of ‘eating clean’

The unlikely health benefits of the Quality Street toffee penny

Cabana Club to hold a #GRADUGATE themed party at Mercy

And there’ll be a few sombreros too

Piers Morgan calls for UEA students to revolt against #gradugate mortarboard-throw ban

At least it isn’t Katie Hopkins supporting us

Law finalists instructed to ‘mime’ throwing their hats in graduation photo

Apparently it’s ‘safer’ as well as ‘great fun’

How many of the ‘five Ls’ have you done?

If you don’t know what this means then you shouldn’t be at UEA

UEA Union to hold SOMBRERO themed LCR night this term

Get your ponchos ready

Livewire have released a Jailbreak mash up and it is CLASSIC

One of them dresses as Freddie Mercury and it’s amazing

Source is the best worst nightclub in the UK

You know when the tickets are free it’s gonna be a good night

It’s time to accept that BAs are significantly harder than BScs

Just because you can balance equations doesn’t mean you can write a sentence, hun

Pigeon flies into UEA student’s house, lays egg and leaves

Yes, you read that correctly

Can you guess where these students go to university?

If they’ve got a nose ring it’s probably Leeds

It’s time to admit it: I regret my tattoos

My wrist looks like an anti-smoking ad

I weighed five and a half stone at my worst, but I beat anorexia at university

Alice Cachia nearly had to drop out of uni because she was so ill

Why Maidstone was the best place in the world to grow up

It’s a bit of a dump but we love it anyway

What do your gym clothes say about you?

Don’t pretend these aren’t you

Concrete publish bizarre article debating if incest should be legal

This is so Norwich

What it’s like to go to UEA with your sister

It’s my uni too, okay?

The UEA Badminton team took a limo to their match yesterday

There were no buses available

A campus security guard has got a band and they’re playing at The Waterfront

They even write songs about UEA

The results are in: Here are UEA’s top 20 singletons

Did you make the list?

Nominate your friends for UEA’s top 20 singletons

Livewire becomes Lovewire

My friends posted a video of me working out topless on PornHub

It was filmed in my parent’s bedroom

Third year loses passport at the LCR – and he’s meant to fly to New York on Thursday

He hasn’t even posted a status about it yet

UEA is wonderful, so stop pretending it doesn’t exist

We both know you know where Norwich is

Severely asthmatic student plans to run the London Marathon

Once he had an attack in the LCR

Student questioned by counter-terrorism police over ISIS propaganda

A Politics module had listed the sites as required reading

UEA lecturers told students to download ISIS propaganda

They were later ordered to delete it as a ‘top priority’

We need to talk about the Unio queue

It’s about more than just the waiting time

Meet Aston Martin, the man with the best name in Norwich

He drives a Ford Fiesta

My name is ‘Petits Filous’ on Facebook and I can’t change it back

I have to keep it for 60 days

Confessions: UEA’s most brutal breakup stories

From creepy daddy issues to Valentine’s Day betrayals

Rugby fresher cracks head open during social

Well, on the walk home

The LCR smoking cage is the worst thing about UEA

The smokers have spoken

Fresher arrested in his dressing gown on the way to Tesco

He said he just wanted to buy some juice

Student in hospital after falling from LCR walkway

He was seen hanging from a bar

What’s the worst thing about UEA?

If it’s not bedbugs in your halls, it’s one of these

Pharmacy grad runs his own clothing company in his spare time

He even does the modelling too

The Union have been providing ‘racist’ sombreros as fancy dress in LCR photobooth

Pedro’s were banned from doing the same thing at Freshers’ Fair

Sombreros banned from Freshers’ Fair

Apparently they’re cultural appropriation

Cyclist in hospital after Earlham Road crash

Paramedics treated the victim outside St Thomas Church

UEA student speaks about her sexual assault

Eleanor hopes her confession will inspire others

We made booze out of your favourite childhood chocolate

Predrinks will never be the same

The Union House refurbishments aren’t actually that bad

The LCR will never be the same again

You can make your own alcohol for less than three quid

It tastes rubbish though

I ate everything with my hands for a week


Is it OK to go topless on the beach?

Free those nipples

These are the best pictures from this year’s Pimp My Barrow

But did you even make it to the LCR?

Tributes paid to former UEA lecturer killed in Taliban attack

Paula Kantor taught in the school of International Development between 2004 and 2008

We’re really well behaved: Disciplinary offences drop by nearly a third

But seven of you were caught urinating in public

Jobsworth invigilators confiscated my pink calculator before an exam because it was the wrong make

Imagine if this happened to you

UEA ranked 9th best in the UK… by UEA

That’s 80 times better than Essex

Livewire to celebrate 25th birthday

Get sloshed with the people who made Greg James famous

LGBT+ nights are coming to the LCR

‘It’s something other unions do and I think we need to catch up’

Vice-chancellor apologises for exam timetable screw-up

Not that his apology will make your life any easier

Male academics at UEA paid over 10% more than female colleagues

Yay for equality

UEA Women’s Officer crowned Inspirational Woman Student of the Year

She’s done more in one year than you’ve ever done

UEA Pride wins LGBT Society of the Year

They’ve done us proud

Cash cows: UEA rakes in over £100K in fines

That’s one hell of an overdue book

My anorexia almost destroyed my sisters’ lives

‘The constant worry about whether your sister is going to drop down dead one day is not something which can easily be forgotten’

I battled anorexia for 10 years – at my smallest I was five and a half stone

It stole from me but now I have my sparkle back

UEA grad proves Dragons wrong with ‘pimp my heels’ business

You wouldn’t think she did drama

I went on UEA’s Take Me Out

I almost popped my balloon for one guy til I found out he was a Law student

‘I feel more at home with ducks’: Meet the second year with webbed feet

‘The rest of my body is fairly normal’

Nelson Court is the best place on campus

End of discussion

SU denies support for ‘Free Education’ demonstration despite majority vote

So that’s how democracy works…

UEA student denied TWO flats for coming from Ebola hotspot

Two landlords refused Amara flats because he was from Sierra Leone

Who is UEA’s Twitter rabbit?

Someone out there is impersonating a campus rabbit online…

Everyone’s favourite fresher is back, and Thomas Rees has no plans to slow down

The Tab chats to Thomas Rees to find out how Freshers’ Week has been treating him

Meet the godlike genius who posted an introductory video of himself to fellow freshers

Wouldn’t life be better if we were all more like UEA fresher Thomas Rees?

I brought my horse to uni – didn’t you?

19-year-old Jess Flack from Milton Keynes loves her horse so much she’s bringing him to uni with her

Unwelcome Week: Returning students excluded from Freshers Week

Returning students will be unable to attend this year’s Freshers Week events.

Union House undergoes dramatic changes

The Union House is seeing major changes take place over summer.

Leavers’ Week Lowdown!

The Tab brings you the lowdown on Leavers’ Week!

Missing cat found on campus

Security guards find missing cat on campus and see its safe return to its owner

Kartel returns as Gonzo’s Tea Room

Much-loved club Kartel has re-emerged as ‘Gonzo’s Tea Room’

UEA to launch virtual bus pass app

Sick of losing your bus pass? Fear not – UEA has announced the launch of a new “virtual bus pass”

UEA named as fourth most #influential UK uni on Twitter

UEA named as one of the top “social authorities”

UEA graduate in Miss England semi-finals!

A UEA graduate has made it through to semi-finals of Miss England.

UEA beats own record in league table

UEA has beaten its own record in the Complete University Guide’s league table, coming an impressive 15th place.

It’s fucoffee to the old and hello to Unio!

Campus coffee got you down? Don’t get the shakes just yet – UEA is set to create its own brand of coffee!