UEA men’s rugby Movember: The results

All good things come to an end

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After a gruelling month, it’s time to see the final results.

Barney Seamer, History, second year

A fond farewell.”

Jamie Blunden, Environmental Science, second year

“Not as strong an effort as I’d have liked, but I won’t part with it.”

Henry Pritchard, Biomedicine, third year

“One month on, my upper lip is still almost as hairless as the rest of my person.”

Joe Hughes, Business, second year

“Photo doesn’t do me justice. Glad it’s gone.”

Ronan Wilson, Environmental Science, third year

“It takes a couple of seconds to say hello, but forever to say goodbye – some melt, 2007.”

Nick Hartshorn, PE, second year

“Very pleased with our fundraising efforts – it’s been absolutely smashing.”

Myles Cooper-Bradley, History, second year

“I looked like a tit for a month. All for a very good cause though!”

There’s still time to donate to the boys’ cause here.