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UEA men’s rugby Movember: The results

All good things come to an end

Economics lecturer’s heart stopped for two minutes during Norwich half marathon

He’s fine now and back teaching

UEA students lived off blended food for a week for charity

It was all for a good cause

Societies strip off for naked calendar shoot

The weather’s icing over and societies are heating up

UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week four

It’s almost the end of the month, and things are getting bushy

UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week three

With great moustache comes great responsibility

UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week two

Looking more rugged and caveman-like for sure

The rugby team are doing Movember

Look at their fresh little faces

Jailbreak 2014: It’s COMING!

The biggest charity event of the year is back- and we have all the details!

Watch Here: Livewire’s Crimbo Videos!

Jingle Bell Rock vs Stay Another Day- which one wins in the battle of the sexes?

Charity Mugging: Chugging

Charlotte Tarran complains about the new guerilla tactic of charities against students.

Preview: Cabaret at the UEA Drama Studio

The Tab spoke to directors of Cabaret 2013. They’re raising money for charity by singing for free. What’s not to like?

UEA Lecturers to Play Footie for Charity

A charity fundraiser in aid of Childreach International is giving students the chance to square up against a team of lecturers at home of Norwich City FC, Carrow Road, in a morning of football which promises to be highly memorable for all involved.

UEA Hockey Raises £25,000 for Charity

This year, UEA Hockey Club raised almost £2000 for the Meningitis Trust at the 11th annual Old Boys’ weekend, taking the total amount raised to over a staggering £25,000 to date.

Charity Gig A Sound Success

A live music night at UEA raised over £300 for Childreach International.