Economics lecturer’s heart stopped for two minutes during Norwich half marathon

He’s fine now and back teaching

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An Economics lecturer collapsed near the finish line of the Norwich half marathon last Sunday, causing his heart to stop for a whole two minutes.

Mike Brock was running alongside fellow members of UEA’s economics department for Macmillan Cancer Support when he collapsed on the 13.1 mile course around Norwich show ground.

Help reached him quickly and medics performed on-scene CPR, finally resuscitating him then taking him to the N&N hospital.

Mike was discharged from the hospital the following Tuesday, and returned back to uni this week to warm welcomes from students and colleagues.

When asked about his recollection of the day of the race, Mike said that his memory has still not returned and can remember very little.

He told us: “In terms of my health now, I am happy to report that I am feeling a lot better and am glad to be back among friends, colleagues and students here at UEA.

“I have been really touched by the response of the students here in the Economics department.

“I had students email me who have since left UEA wishing me well, alongside emails from my current students hoping that I make a speedy recovery.

“It has been equally moving to hear some of the comments and well-wishing from students over the past two days when they have seen me in and around the university and I think it demonstrates the close community atmosphere that both the Economics Department (and the university more generally) are able to facilitate between the academic staff and their students.”

The response from the general Norwich community was also huge, with a post on the event’s Facebook page confirming of his well-being attracting more than 500 likes.

The Economics Department were raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support, and their JustGiving page is still receiving a constant flow of donations after smashing their £1,000 target.

After the race, however, Mike also decided to set up his own donations page specifically for the N&N University Hospital Cardiac intensive Care Unit and the aid they provided after his collapse.

To donate to the Economic staff’s cause, click here.