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Former Editor-in-Chief of the Tab Norwich

The Tab Norwich’s Power List 2017: Vote now

Who is the most influential student on UEA’s campus?

Cocaine worth £50m just washed up on the beach in Great Yarmouth

Almost a dozen holdalls rammed with the substance have been found

Just because I sound ‘posh’ doesn’t mean I went to private school

Pronouncing your ‘t’s doesn’t necessarily mean that daddy bought your education

SU misspells Stormzy TWICE in their latest newsletter

Mention my name in your tweets, oi rudeboy shut up

KAOS are looking for models for their next charity fashion show

It’s time to show the world that blue steel you’ve been brewing

Third year drunkenly buys tickets to go and see Sean Paul in Milan

She says she’ll probably fly out anyway, for the banter

Vote for UEA’s most eligible bachelor: Heat three

The last of the submissions fight their case to become UEA’s MEBOC

Vote for UEA’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

Let’s hear it for the boys

Vote for UEA’s most eligible bachelor: Heat one

Lock up your daughters

Are you UEA’s most eligible bachelor?

Enter your friends (or yourself) into the Tab Norwich’s newest competition today

UEA women’s rugby team has released a naked calendar for 2017

The profits are going towards Cancer Research and Scope

Someone’s started a petition to protect the bouncer bitten by Jo Swo

“Bouncers need more than just big meaty arms to protect them”

Plagiarism cases at UEA nearly doubled last year

Postgraduates and International students are statistically more likely to plagiarise in their work

The mastermind behind the Bernie Sanders stunt has been revealed

He was standing up for freedom of speech on campus

How to choose which friends to live with next year

Whether you actually like them or not doesn’t matter, you need someone with a car

Someone stuck a picture of Bernie Sanders on top of the Christmas tree in the square

He was the real star of 2016

Vandals have already wrecked the Christmas lights in city centre

This is why we can’t have nice things

Confessions: UEA’s worst part-time job horror stories

Someone turned up to a trial shift still gurning from the night before

Almost half of UEA students find consent classes patronising

49 per cent of you said that the classes patronise students

There’s a new café in Norwich that only serves champagne and cupcakes

It’s the perfect place to take your mum when she comes up to visit

Two students are holding a vigil in the square for Cloud Dog

“The ones that love us never really leave us”

Campus Style: the battle of the halls

Which freshers are the most ~fashun~

Over half of UEA students have suffered with a mental health illness

Welfare officer Jo Swo agrees that UEA’s previous facilities weren’t up to scratch

UEA ranked 14th best university in the UK

That’s two places higher than last year and 27 places higher than Essex

Worrying about money affects over a third of students’ mental health

38 per cent of students have considered medical trials and nightshifts

We need to talk about sexual assault at festivals

Four rapes were reported last year, and this could only be the tip of the iceberg

There’s a scam email circulating which offers UEA students ‘free grants’

It says students are chosen based on ‘financial circumstance and academic performance’

Pay rises for Vice-Chancellors are four times more than for academics

Their average salary is over £250,000-a-year

How much of a BNOC are you?

It’s time to separate the Queen bees from the nobodies

Three quarters of you want to stay in the EU

Only half of young people are expected to vote in the referendum

Would you rather: UEA edition

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for

A pygmy goat escaped from the petting zoo on campus yesterday

He was the size of a hen

Clubbers of the Week

It’s been a damn good week for all of you

What does your campus lunch stop say about you?

Don’t be a basic Unio bitch

UEA is launching a hip-hop society on the same day as Kanye’s 7th album

Both monumental events will take place tomorrow

The ultimate guide to pooing on campus

If you can talk your way into LCR backstage, it’s totally worth it

Meet the man candy on this year’s UEA Take Me Out

It’s that time of year again

Terrified freshers find stranger in their Norfolk Terrace flat

The figure was said to be dressed in ‘dark clothing’

Economics lecturer’s heart stopped for two minutes during Norwich half marathon

He’s fine now and back teaching

Floggers and ball-gags: What happens in Fetish Society?

I want to say it wasn’t all just whips and chains, but it kind of was

Campus style

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’

How to dress for every club in Norwich

Body cons at Karma Kafe are a no-go

Former UEA lecturer facing child porn charges disappears from court

He disappeared just before the jury found him guilty of all charges

UEA ranked 18th best uni in the country by Times Good University Guide

Suck on that, Essex Uni

The best of UEA Yik Yak’s Freshers Tips

Some of them are actually helpful

Greg James graduated from UEA yesterday

He finished his degree eight years ago

Stash is out: Abercrombie and Hollister voted most embarrassing clothes to be seen in

Burn those hoodies

‘Don’t do goldrush, you might get an STI’ warns expert

He’s branded it ‘toxic’

UEA blows two million pounds investing in new energy plant

So that’s where your £9k a year is going

Wearing red trousers makes you look more dominant, says new study

Is this the most Durham research ever?

Get to grips with Yo Pro style: Fashion tips from young professionals

Their wardrobes will put yours to shame

I let boys do my make-up for a week

They tried to fill my eyebrows in with concealer

KAOS fashion show: Meet the models

They’re all so gorgeous

Norfolk Terrace burgled by bikers

A fresher had her laptop and handbag stolen

Campus style: February

Look how nice their clothes are

Blend shuts as Campus Kitchen is refurbished

How will we live