Preview: Cabaret at the UEA Drama Studio

The Tab spoke to directors of Cabaret 2013. They’re raising money for charity by singing for free. What’s not to like?

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Recently, The Tab sat down to talk with Rob Ellis, Jonathan Cobb and Mairtin Dwyer, the directors of the Drama Studio’s upcoming production; Cabaret, A Night at the Musicals. 

Tickets are free but donations will go to ACODO (Assisting Cambodian Orphans and the Disabled Organization) and the Elimu foundation. The show starts on Thursday.

Tab: Tell us a bit about Cabaret: A Night at the Musicals.

Jonathan: It’s a yearly show for charity and the charity changes every year. And we three have been in the cast every year since first year and we were actually passed down the role of taking it over from the person who ran it last year, so it’s quite a big honour in the Drama department. We’re really excited about it, we’ve enjoyed it every year and it’s nice to put our own spin on it and raise our own money for charity.

Some of the children money raised will be helping

Tab: And how different is it from anything else you’ve participated in or had a hand in directing?

Jonathan: Because it’s for charity, we have no budget, so when getting sheet music, we either have to write it ourselves by listening to the songs by ear or spending a couple of quid and getting it online, so it’s a lot of work. But we have such a wonderful cast.

The cast rehearsing for last year’s Cabaret

Tab: Cabaret usually features a blend of music, comedy, drama and dance, so can we expect all of these elements?

Jonathan: Yes, very much so. We’ve got a complete mix of emotional numbers that will hopefully make you all cry to energetic dance-y ones that will captivate the audience and other ones that are funny. In between all of the songs we have two comperes who are going to be doing their own comedy act who will try to create a story about the musicals and to raise awareness about charity, to raise more money. So yeah, it’s going to be a lot of music and a lot of comedy.

Mairtin: It’s actually the first Minotaur show to be open to other people.

Jonathan: Yeah some of our performers and dancers are non-drama students. It’s really nice to make an open show that everyone can be a part of.

Mairtin: At the end of the day it is all for charity, so it’s all about people getting involved and having some fun..

Tab: Could you give us a sneak preview of what musicals will be featured in the show?

Mairtin: We want to keep some of the songs a surprise, but some musicals you can expect to hear songs from are Avenue Q, The Lion King, Billy Elliot. We wanted to have a nice contrast between newer musicals and more obscure musicals that I had never heard of, and then more old school musicals like Hello Dolly and Guys and Dolls.

Numbers from this risque musical will be on the programme

Tab: And why should UEA students come to see this production?

Jonathan: I think every time we perform this show, everyone who has seen it has said that it’s their favourite show of the whole academic year in comparison to all of the straight acting performances. This is always the one they remember just because it is so much fun, it’s for a good cause and everyone has a nice, nice time. Music appeals to everyone. There will be a song for everyone.

Rob: You don’t even have to pay the amount of a full ticket!

Cabaret will be performed at 7.30 PM on 14th, 15th, 16th February in the Drama Studio. Price of the ticket is a donation amount of your choice. Reserve them at the Drama Studio or Box Office now!