UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week four

It’s almost the end of the month, and things are getting bushy

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Barney Seamer, History, second year


“Isla Fisher once said there is nothing sexier than a moustache – this one is dedicated to her.”

Jamie Blunden, Environmental Science, second year

“Movember has taught me a couple of things:
1. Moustaches are slow-growing beasts.
2. Lighting is essential in selfies.
Very pleased by how much we’ve raised so far though!”

Henry Pritchard, Biomedicine, third year

“Although perhaps more similar to the bristles of a worn out toothbrush than an actual moustache, my nose will sorely miss his companion come December 1st.”


Joe Hughes, Business, second year

“Tash, plus a little battle wound.”

Ronan Wilson, Environmental Science, third year

“I’ve forgotten how it feels to be moustacheless. I think we compliment each other nicely.”

Nick Hartshorn, PE, second year

“I’ve grown quite fond of the ‘tache, not sure whether to be sad or happy that our relationship is coming to an end.”

Myles Cooper-Bradley, History, second year

“Looks like a messy morning with a jar of Nutella.”

Donate to their cause here – and tune in next week for the final specimens.