Jailbreak 2014: It’s COMING!

The biggest charity event of the year is back- and we have all the details!

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Jailbreak is back. And this year’s is set to be bigger and better than ever.

UEA’s radio station, Livewire1350, is once again hosting one of the biggest fundraising events of the year, this time in aid of international charity, WaterAid, a charity whose mission is to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water.

Come March 21, teams of UEA students will have just 48 hours to hitch-hike as far away from UEA as possible, using absolutely no money of their own on travel.

 Last year’s Jailbreakers take off!


The groups have to be a minimum of 2 people and the idea is to gain as much sponsorship as possible, whether that be from friends and family, or waving your collection bucket in people’s faces outside Tesco (it works).

The teams will meet in the square on the morning of March 21st for final farewells before a countdown will have them heading off for an amazing adventure.


In 2012, the event raised just over £8000, and last year the teams raised over £14,000, smashing the £10k target, with the winners, Panda Pops making it about 2000 miles away in Cyprus, and runners up, The Three Must-Get-Here(s) making it to Rome.

One team made it as far as Rome!

Three Girls One Jailbreak chose to go north, eventually reaching the tip of Inverness Harbour and getting stuck, while Norwich-way-to-go headed off in the opposite direction and made it to Disneyland Paris before unfortunately getting held up somehow.

I did the event myself for the first time last year and despite being slightly terrorised by a Parisian couple who thought speeding past ferry security would get them a free ticket (ooh la la), and having to spend a night in Charles de Gaulle airport, tired, cold, hungry (I’m really selling this), it has definitely been my favourite university experience so far. We all met some amazing people on our travels and had some unforgettable experiences while raising money for a great cause.

Bryn Davies, 2nd year Chemistry student said “totes buzzin’ my boobies for jailbreak 2k14.” As am I, Bryn, as am I.

Another student who wishes to remain anonymous managed to get to Amsterdam said “It was an enjoyable trip for all. I’d recommend Jailbreak for anybody who has the time and loves an adventure.

The winners will be crowned at a victory party after the weekend for both the furthest distance travelled and most cash raised. The event is only held at a handful of universities so make the most of UEA!

These naughty jailbreakers got caught!

Interested in learning more? Head to room 1.33 Union House at 5pm on Friday 21st February and check out the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/events/1418478298397814/?fref=ts.

For more information on Livewire, Water Aid or the event itself please contact: [email protected]

The Tab will be live-blogging Jailbreak again this year- get involved! All that’s needed is time and enthusiasm- all training will be given. E-mail [email protected]