We went on the hunt for Norwich’s cheapest pint

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the Blue Bar

I don’t want to graduate at the cathedral and you shouldn’t either

Congo Hall may not be pretty, but it’s ours

Nearly 60 per cent of UEA students are girls

UEA just wanna have fun

We asked our parents what ‘Netflix and chill’ and other phrases mean

The LCR? ‘A religious society, like a Christian group?’

Clubbers of the week: Halloween special

It’s the spookiest time of year

We asked you the most outrageous Halloween costume you’d wear

Two people said Jimmy Savile

Norwich and Norfolk Festival 2014!

Want to take a break from exams and take in some Norfolk culture? Then head on down to this year’s Norwich and Norfolk Festival!

Jailbreak 2014: It’s COMING!

The biggest charity event of the year is back- and we have all the details!

Students To Vote On President Question

And we could be getting sparkling new Officer positions too!

Would I Lie To UEA?

Joe Murphy asks why a UEA graduate would have to lie on his CV.

Student Struggles – The Expensive World of Live Sport

Travelling to watch live sport isn’t exactly student friendly as Marco Bell found out this Tuesday at Wembley, but Norwich has a welcome alternative.

LCR v Town

The Tab battles it out with the help of dodgy gifs.

TV: Is it Worth It?

Is a TV License worth it? Jo Thompson discusses the pros and cons of getting one…


As our beloved UEA turns 50, The Tab brings you the highlights from Saturday’s festival, which for no obvious reason, was centred around a small volcano…

Charity Mugging: Chugging

Charlotte Tarran complains about the new guerilla tactic of charities against students.

We Need to Talk About the Money

Joe Murphy asks why we never wonder where our cash is going.

Top Student Dates

Norwich, the city of romance?! Who would have known…

A Breath of Fresh Eyre at the Drama Studio

Part One of our review of the UEA Drama Studio’s epic production of Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel Jane Eyre.

Virginity vs Promiscuity and Everything In Between: My Experience

If Sex is thrust in our faces, why am I still a Virgin?

Bouncers Exposed: Do they really keep us safe?

Bouncers operate in such a lawless environment that they seem to be able to get away with anything – even demanding to see people’s facebook profiles on their phones before letting them in.