Rachel Moss

Rachel Moss


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Get a First in Graduation Glamour

The Gold Rush

Be warned third years, the time for one-night stands is running out …

Top Student Dates

Norwich, the city of romance?! Who would have known…

Free waffles!

UEA Christian Union get a healthy Tab-style plug as they invite you to eat waffles with them.

UEA’s Worst Chat-Up Lines

Are you a fan of the cliché come-on?

Famous At UEA

Recognise this lot? There’s hope for us graduates yet.

University New Year Resolutions

The ones that we all make and never keep …

Roll On Next Semester!

The Tab’s top 5 reasons why we should all look forward to next term.

Male Athletes Try Pole Dancing

Six members of UEA Sports Clubs will compete for the title of Pole Dance Champion. Who’s your money on?

21 Reasons Why You Should Go Out In Norwich Tonight

Need convincing? Rachel Moss gives you all the reasons you need to hit Prince of Wales tonight…

Tab tries Pole Dancing

Amy Cullen tells The Tab why we should forget our Pole Dancing prejudices.

Landlords: Friend or Foe?

The Tab gives tips on dealing with an unreasonable landlord.

Survival of the Shyest

Annabel Gammon shares her experience of overcoming shyness at uni.

The Curse Of The Student Discount

Bargain or Bad Influence?

The Tab Tries…A Week Without Facebook

Could you go a whole week without logging on once?

Boobs On Campus!

The UEA Boob Team say we should all Coppafeel…

How to… Spot a frenemy

Beware students, there’s a meany amongst the ranks. She’s not strictly an enemy, but she’s not exactly a friend either…

21, A Milestone Birthday… Or Is It?

Most students will have their 21st at uni, but is the big 21 really a big deal?

Camp America- Is it worth doing?

Fancy spending your entire summer in the USA? Camp America could be for you.

Battle of the Bars Day 3: Lola Lo

It’s day three of Battle of the Bars, and it’s Lola Lo!

Battle of the Bars Day 2: The LCR

The Tab takes a look at the wondrous LCR on Tuesdays in our second battle of the bars review.

Battle of the Bars: Mercy XS

The ultimate guide to clubs in Norwich. Today we review Mercy!

How to… Make it work long distance

RACHEL MOSS shares tips on how to make your long distance relationship work, all without turning into a compulsive Facebook stalker…