Nearly 60 per cent of UEA students are girls

UEA just wanna have fun

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Almost two thirds of undergrads at UEA are female.

New data released by the uni has revealed that 57 per cent of students doing their first degree here are girls.

The most female subject at is Social Work, with a whopping 94 per cent of the course.

The most girl-dominated school is Medicine and Health, with female students making up 77 per cent of the course.

A medicine and Health social with not a boy in sight

The most male faculty at UEA is Science, where 58 per cent of the course are male.

Course-wise, men dominate Computer Science in particular – with just 17 per cent of the subject being made up by females.

Where them girls at?

The most gender equal course you can do at UEA is Environment Science, which is exactly 50 per cent boys and 50 per cent girls.

At least no-one will be left without a date at the Environmental Science ball (if there is such a thing).