We went on the hunt for Norwich’s cheapest pint

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the Blue Bar

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If you want a cheap drink in Norwich, the obvious choice is between the SU and Wetherspoons – but sometimes you fancy a change.

So is it possible to get a pint somewhere else without breaking the bank? We went to find out.

The Birdcage

Our starting spot was The Birdcage, well known to both students and locals, One of the coolest spots in town, the Birdcage has a hipster/indie vibe, quick service and helpful staff. It isn’t known for being cheap however, and the majority of pints and cocktails are over £4 – but for us cheapskates they serve a £3.15 larger.

Cheapest pint: £3.15

The Mash Tun

The next pub we found was the Mash Tun, which prides itself on its craft ales. Though lager may be the first thing on most of our minds, the pub is worth a visit for trying out something you won’t try elsewhere.

The Mash Tun has a more rustic feel than the Birdcage and obviously isn’t targeting students with its £3.90 cheapest pint. They do, however, have an upstairs area you can book for free, which they say has been used for parties and speed dating.

Cheapest pint: £3.90

The Rumsy Wells

The Rumsy Wells looks like a dad pub, where middle-aged men escape their lives for a pint of bitter at silly prices to keep all of the young people out. We ventured in, and from the looks we received we were the youngest people to enter the pub in several years.

The service could have been better and the cheapest pint was £3.90 so we were far from impressed. We were, howeve,r impressed by the fantastic smelling spiced cider.

Cheapest pint: £3.90

St Andrews Brew House

The Brew House was the busiest pub we went to and had a fantastic atmosphere. We were once again some of the youngest people to enter, but this time our age didn’t seem to be an issue with any one there.

The staff were helpful, and any wait in service was on the basis of it being a busy evening. Possibly not the best place for student drinks as £3.50 a pint still isn’t ideal, and most of us aren’t impressed by a micro-brewery while trying to get shitfaced.

Cheapest pint: £3.50

The Dog House

The Dog House won us over from our cynical way of thinking. What looks like a traditional pub is going out of its way to make students feel welcome by serving two-for-one cocktails between four and seven using good quality spirits.

This almost makes up for the cheapest pint being £4, especially with how good the staff were, but the cocktails aren’t much cheaper even with this price. We love the Dog House but we can’t ignore the prices.

Cheapest pint: £4

The Playhouse

Apart from having to avoid NUA students (seriously, who needs a degree in typography?), the playhouse is one of the coolest watering holes in Norwich. The ceiling is a must-see, with a fantastic art display across it.

The atmosphere is fantastic with mood lighting, music and a great outside area. The prices are pretty good with the cheapest pint at £3 and a Morgans and Coke at £2.70. The playhouse has a charm that most pubs across Norwich don’t seem to have and a crowd who aren’t 10 years older than us.

Cheapest pint: £3

The Mischief

Hailed as the cheapest pub in Norwich (and they know it) Mischief is probably the best spot to fill the gap between pre-drinks and Prince of Wales street. With the cheapest pint at £2.30 and the famous triple house and mixer at £3, they make up for the fact that it isn’t as arty or cool as some of our other favourites.

Regardless, this is the best spot to get shit faced whilst playing pool.

Cheapest pint: £2.30

The Ribs of Beef

The Ribs of Beef is a cool pub – it doesn’t try too hard, but it’s far from being a bad spot for a pint. Not quite a dad pub, but not where you would take your mates who want to see the best of a Norwich night out.

The cheapest pint was £2.60, which was a breath of fresh air by this point in the night – and they have a pound off doubles for the non-beer drinkers out there.There’s a great selection of wine and other drinks stacked around the room, meaning if you’re willing to spend the money you will find something you like.

Cheapest pint: £2.60

Winner: The Mischief, £2.30