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Marco Bell


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The Sporting Weekly

The Sporting Weekly returns bringing you the lowdown on all things UEA sport.

Dos and Don’ts of Winter Sport Accessories

Tab Sport tells you how to stay warm this season without embarrassing yourself…

Student Struggles – The Expensive World of Live Sport

Travelling to watch live sport isn’t exactly student friendly as Marco Bell found out this Tuesday at Wembley, but Norwich has a welcome alternative.

Interview with a UEA Pirate

Tab Sport caught up with quarterback Jack Anklesaria for a Q & A regarding the new season.

SportsMart Preview – Table Tennis

Sports Editor, Marco Bell, talks to table tennis 1st team captain Johnny Bispham about the side’s recent successes.

Union Cuts: Will Sports Suffer?

With Sports Association Membership potentially on the rise, will UEA have to say goodbye to former sporting glory?

Rugby Return: The Big Interview

The Tab talks to Bruce Whiting about the long-awaited return of Men’s Rugby.

The Sporting Weekly

The latest news from around UEA and the sporting world.

UEA Pirates: The Season So Far

With Derby Day only a couple of weeks away will the UEA Pirates be playing or not?

Your Sporting Alternative to Valentine’s Day

Alone on Valentine’s Day? The Tab’s got a sporting alternative.

Sporting Playlist: Top Ten Changing Room Tracks

Get your head in the game with The Tab’s ultimate pumped-up tunes!

Handling sport and studies: is it possible?

When the relatively easy ride of first year is over, is there still enough time to play sports and do all your essays?

Why play basketball, rugby or football when you can get it all in one?

Is this ‘mutant crossover’ of a sport for you? Jack Enright introduces us to UEA Lacrosse.

Rugby and Football: A Difficult Relationship

Rugby or football? Which do you prefer?

The Tab talks to UEA Pool society

Following their recent particpation in the English Universities Pool championships, The Tab talked to UEA Pool society’s club president Charlie Nicholson

Sporting myths debunked

Tab man Marco Bell on common sport myths and we look at some interesting and odd superstitions.

UEA Sport Round Up

Our weekly item is back. Catch up with the latest sport results from the past week and find out the news.

UEA Sport Update

A round-up of news from the sporting world of UEA.


With GB’s Olympians excelling in the stadium, The Tab talks to UEA athletics to see if the games inspired a generation here in Norwich

Join The Cycling Revolution

Tired of busy, noisy and particularly unreliable buses? Follow Marco Bell’s advice

Let’s Get Wet!

Swimming is one of the most easily accessible, rewarding and fitness enhancing sports on offer here at UEA.

Q&A With The Pirates Part 2

The second part of the interview with the American Football team, today with President Steve Omanyondo.

Q&A With The Pirates Part 1

Team Captain Andy Smith talks season ambitions, the rise of American Football and hopes of becoming the most popular contact sport at UEA.

A Rough Guide To Drunken Sport At UEA

Marco Bell enlightens us to the delightful world of alcohol-induced sport.