We asked our parents what ‘Netflix and chill’ and other phrases mean

The LCR? ‘A religious society, like a Christian group?’

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You tell your mum you’re a BNOC and she doesn’t give a shit. You tell your dad you’ve done the 5 Ls and he thinks you’ve taken drugs.

But what do our parents really think student lingo means? We put it to the test to find out.

Amanda Cachia, Alice’s mum

“I’ll go into a different room from Dad because he’ll copy my answers.”

Netflix and chill: “Where you relax watching Netflix. I’d watch hospital dramas and things like Orange is the New Black.”

BNOC: “I’ve heard that. I’m not sure. It sounds rude. It sounds like a MILF. Maybe it means something like next of kin because that’s NOK, but this is NOC. Oh my God, erm, Be Nice Or Crude.”

The LCR: “It’s the Student Union.”

Derby Day: “Against Essex Uni. It’s a sporting competition and UEA always wins of course.”

Eduroam: “How do you spell that? Something to do with education. Education at a different university. You can do a university swap. I’ve got no idea.”

The 5 Ls: “Look, listen, learn, love, live.”

The Hive: “It’s where you go and meet up for a coffee. It’s like a bee hive, bzzz.”

Walk of shame: “It’s where you go out all night and get up to things you shouldn’t do and get pissed and you come home in the same clothes and you didn’t go to bed. I bet you’ve done the walk of shame a few times, Alice. Are you impressed I know what that is?”

Robert Cachia, Alice’s dad

Netflix and chill: “You’re going to watch something chilling on Netflix. You’d watch some kind of world programme or nature programme.”

BNOC: “It’s where you knock down bees.”

LCR: “It’s a bar where you get slammered.”

Derby Day: “You have horse racing at UEA and you use rabbits instead of horses.”

Eduroam: “The name given to a person who’s got a personality disorder.”

The 5 Ls: “Library, lab, loos, light, and lager. The 5 Ls – this is an odd question Alice. They mean to have a great time.”

The Hive: “It’s a place where you all kind of hang out. It sounds like a beehive where you all sort of group together.”

Walk of shame: “Where students have got absolutely paralytic to an embarrassing state and the next morning they have to do this walk around campus. They ended up where they ended up and they have to walk around campus as a punishment. Yes, that is exactly what that means.”

Katherine Anteney, Maisie’s mum

“I think you tell me too much about UEA Maisie.”

Netflix and Chill: “This is when you watch a film on Netflix and just chill out. It’s not sex is it? Is it sex? I bet all these words are going to just mean sex. What’s it called again? Netflix and Rizzle Kicks?”

BNOC: “Big Name on Campus. I know this one because Maisie never stops talking about wanting to be one.”

The LCR: “This is the campus club. I imagine it’s sticky, like really sticky. So sticky that you can’t even dance. You know when you go to a wedding reception that’s in a community hall and they’ve really tried with the decorations but it just still looks like a community hall? That’s what I think the LCR looks like.”

Derby Day: “When you  do all the sport against Essex and you win every year.”

Eduroam: “It’s like WiFi at any university. We have it at work so I can log in when I visit Maisie at UEA. Last time we were there she said I wouldn’t be able to log in to it and I told her to fuck off.”

The 5 Ls: “It’s the places where you’re meant to have sex. Lake, LCR, library, in a lecture and loos.”

The Hive: “Maisie talks about this but I don’t know what it is. It sounds horrible – like something to do with maggots. Is it the place where you can go and have a nap? I think it must be something busy like study rooms in the library or the library information desk.”

Walk of shame: “I know this one! I saw someone doing it this morning! It’s when you leave a fella’s house in the early hours of the morning and you have to walk home in last night’s clothes.”

Susan Martin, George’s mum

Netflix and chill: “Some sort of relaxing.”

BNOC: “A type of soup.”

The LCR: “A religious society, like a Christian group?”

Derby Day: “The day when there is horse racing on the campus.”

Eduroam: “Instead of being taught in a lecture theatre, you walk around the campus learning things.”

The 5 Ls: “5 Ls? I have no idea… as in the letter L? Londis, library, lifeboat, lift, lake.”

The Hive: “A cafe where they sell honey-based products.”

Walk of shame: “When you go on a big night out, embarrass yourself and then see everybody when you walk into the kitchen the next morning.”

Holly Clay and Ged Smith, Rosie’s mum and dad

Netflix and chill: “‘Vegging out’ and watching Netflix all day.”

BNOC: “Big Nothing on Campus.”

The LCR: “Last Chance to Rebound. Needing to ‘Ace’ your course to pass your final.”

Derby Day: “Dressing up, drinking heavily and enjoying the Derby – whether or not you are at the race track.”

Eduroam: “The ‘Endurance’ required for a uni student to be awake at a reasonable hour in the morning.”

The 5 Ls: “Lager Lout Ladies Languishing at the LCR!”

The Hive: “Six uni women living in a 2 bedroom house.”

Walk of shame: “Punishment? Making retribution?”