LCR v Town

The Tab battles it out with the help of dodgy gifs.

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With recent reports that the LCR has lost some of its magic the most important question of the moment is: Town or LCR? Let’s compare the two:


It’s no secret that the LCR is often full of uncomfortable freshers making their way round the edge of the dancefloor. Many hope that the awkward ‘club shuffle’ will detract as much attention from them as possible but in reality it just makes you look boring and a bit too cool for school.

If you’ve payed out for a taxi into town you can’t afford to be shy about your dancing. In the clubs in town people commit to their dance. Whether it’s a little-too-gropey grind or dancefloor clearing funky chicken, town is definitely the place to leave all your inhibitions behind and bust a move.


If old school pop if your thing the LCR is perfect for you. However, if you have any discernible taste in music you will quickly realise the playlist seems to be firmly stuck in 2006. After a few trips you’ll be so bored of ‘dropping it like it’s hot’ and the reciting the same lyrics over and over again that you’ll be in desperate need of a change.

Town, on the other hand, is far more varied with clubs hosting special house, indie and retro nights. You’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. The DJs (some of which have played the biggest clubs in Ibiza) actually know what they’re doing. They’ll play the music you didn’t even know you wanted to hear.

Drink Prices

It’s not all doom and gloom, the LCR is infamous for it’s cheap prices. With the staple Jäger bomb being a mere £1.50, it’s a lot easier to be the extravagant round-buyer. Plus you’ll be so drunk you’ll forget about all the LCR’s flaws. Drinks on you!

For those who like to flash their loan, town provides more options. Bars such as Essence and Vodka Revs offer drinks at the higher end of the price range, alongside all the clubs you know and love. However, this means if you’re planning a budget night out you’ll need to up your pre-drinks.


Getting Home

We all know the dilemma of getting home after a night out; call a taxi, which will probably never turn up, or walk home in the rain. If you live off campus, both the LCR and town are upsettingly far away. A long, drunken walk home is not the most exciting way to end a night out.

Then again, if you’re a lucky fresher the LCR couldn’t be more perfect. It’s well within stumbling distance. You can get from the doors of the LCR into bed in a matter of minutes without the expensive taxi fare.


Even before the #burgergate scandal, food around the LCR was limited. A burger is good but sometimes you just need that little something extra. This might seem like a non-issue now but try telling drunk you at 3am that you’re not getting chips. Yeah, now you see the importance!


Since the loss of the Burger Van, the option of going to town is even sweeter. With the plethora of kebab shops, and cheesy chips, town has something for every drunken craving. We can personally recommend MasterChef, a little bit of a walk from the clubs but their student discount and incredible chips makes it well worth it.


So seems like the LCR and town both have their upsides. If you’re on a budget stick to the cheap drinks of the LCR. If you’re feeling snobby about your music and love a good drunken snack then town is the place for you!


In the end does it really matter where you go?

Which do you prefer? LCR or Town? Let us know in the comment section below