We asked you the most outrageous Halloween costume you’d wear

Two people said Jimmy Savile

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It’s our favourite time of year, so we asked students the question everyone wants to know: what’s the most unacceptable costume you’d wear to the LCR?

Answers ranged from “Sylvia Plath with an oven on her head” to “The entire Tory cabinet”, but here are our favourites.

Alice Pinhey, first year, English Literature

“I’d be a zombie Kylie Jenner”

Lizzie Brooking, first year, Law

“No makeup and pyjamas, because it would terrify everyone”

Sam Keshavarzi,  Masters, Law

“Something terrorist related”

Katy Bennett, first year, Biomedicine

“The Human Centipede, because then it’d be lots of people being inappropriate and vile”

James Briton, first year, Biomedicine

“Jimmy Savile”

Connor Hollywood, first year, International Development

“A mankini, because I’d scare a lot of people but maybe attract them too”

Harrison Cass, first year, Biology

“Rolf Harris”

Alwyn Newstead, second year, Chemistry

“Jimmy Savile”

Florence Summer, second year, Medicine and Ruth, second year, Occupational Therapy

Florence: “General Mexican attire”
Ruth: “Anything sombrero-related”