Victoria Finan

We chatted about the Kardashians with Harriet Harman

She’s pretty sound

‘Never Okay’: Union launches campaign targeting sexual tormenters

‘Just because she’s wearing a short skirt… it’s never okay’

UKIP speech flops following rescheduling

Although they came out with some cracking one-liners

NUS candidate’s posters destroyed in homophobic attack

Ukrainian student caught ripping down openly gay candidate’s posters

Hey Avengers 2- Are you worried your girl extras will be mistaken for The Hulk?

It’s ridiculous that the auditions on campus required girls to be a size 10 or below, says former Chief Editor Victoria Finan

Operation Beautiful UEA: These Post-It notes on campus will restore your faith in humanity.

UEA Management and the Library aren’t happy with the sticky notes- but the rest of us are! We meet the girl behind them.

Could YOU edit The Tab?

Applications for Chief Editor and Deputy Editor are now OPEN!

Students To Vote On President Question

And we could be getting sparkling new Officer positions too!

First Class Clowns

We’re already known as the University of Easy Access, now our lecturers are being told to dish us out Firsts.

Editorial: Blurred Lines Referendum- An Absolute Joke.

Co-Chief Editor Victoria Finan deplores how the referendum has been handled.

Top Norwich Takeaways!

Chief Editor Victoria Finan has tried pretty much every takeaway in Norwich. Here are her top picks…

Travel Shop To Close

No more cheap package holidays from campus as the shop shuts its doors.

The Sun boycotted on campus

57% voted to ban it

T-Shirt Party Twats

VICTORIA FINAN argues that banning Blurred Lines isn’t the only thing we should be worrying about…


The LCR suffers from a bit of an identity crisis…

LCR Renamed

In honour of the late Nick Rayns, the Union announces its tribute.

My Experience: Coping With Anxiety And Depression

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, The Tab is reprinting some of the pieces from our illuminating My Experience series.

Your Union Needs You!

The Union announces that drastic cuts may have to be made next year.

Review- Black Watch

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival kicked off last Wednesday and as usual it brings to the city the best of current theatre.

Union eyes booze price hike to fix deficit

Drink and ticket price rises considered after sober students hit Union budget