UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week three

With great moustache comes great responsibility

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Here are the team’s fan-tache-tic week three results.

Barney Seamer, History, second year

The electric razor broke so I had to trim with a BIC, first world problems

“The electric razor broke so I had to trim with a BIC. First world problems.”

Jamie Blunden, Environmental Science, second year


“Solid progress. Less likely to be confused for a woman now.”

Henry Pritchard, Biomedicine, third year


“I seem to have developed a slight mouthbrow.”


Joe Hughes, Business, second year

“Girls like big noses, ok?”

Ronan Wilson, Environmental Science, third year


“It now takes a full five seconds to towel dry.”

Nick Hartshorn, PE, second year


“I have found the ‘tache proves itself to be quite the flavour saver – a pleasant surprise.”

Myles Cooper-Bradley, History, second year


“I call this the Dirk Diggler look.”

Donate to their cause here – and tune in next week to see their progress.