Societies strip off for naked calendar shoot

The weather’s icing over and societies are heating up

Rugby fresher cracks head open during social

Well, on the walk home

UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week three

With great moustache comes great responsibility

The Korfball team have released a lip-sync video and it’s pretty incredible

Move over Rugby, there’s some new lads in town

UEA men’s rugby Movember: Week two

Looking more rugged and caveman-like for sure

Hockey team suspended after incident on bus which did NOT involve a pig

25 people who weren’t even on the bus are also facing investigation

Fitness Funding! UEA receives £300,000 to make students more active

Students could see new sports clubs created thanks to almost £300,000 of new funding.

Student Struggles – The Expensive World of Live Sport

Travelling to watch live sport isn’t exactly student friendly as Marco Bell found out this Tuesday at Wembley, but Norwich has a welcome alternative.

Rugby Report: Back With A Bang!

UEA boys thrash Swaffam 118-0!

A Year Abroad in America

Patrick Hetherington take you on a crash course in surviving on the other side of the pond.

Handling sport and studies: is it possible?

When the relatively easy ride of first year is over, is there still enough time to play sports and do all your essays?

Why play basketball, rugby or football when you can get it all in one?

Is this ‘mutant crossover’ of a sport for you? Jack Enright introduces us to UEA Lacrosse.

The Sporting Weekly

Marco Bell updates us on the sporting world that is UEA. How did we do in BUCS this week?

The Tab talks to UEA Pool society

Following their recent particpation in the English Universities Pool championships, The Tab talked to UEA Pool society’s club president Charlie Nicholson

Will the Euros bring fans from hell and ‘stadiums of hate’?

Charlie Harris explores racist hooliganism in football, following the exposure of Polish and Ukrainian anti-Semitic fans

Why Formula One should not have raced in Bahrain

Doug Patient offers his opinion on the controversy surrounding Formula One traveling to Bahrain.

UEA Fencing Team Win BUCS Midland Trophy!

President of the UEA Fencing Club, Will Ormondroyd, Captain Tom Jolin, and experienced first year Adam Ahmet talk about their season and recent success in claiming the BUCS Midland title to Charlie Harris.

Blue Sox Split Thieves Thrillers

The UEA Blue Sox baseball team finished their 2011/12 league season with two home games against the University of Nottingham Thieves on Saturday 10th March.

UEA Hockey Raises £25,000 for Charity

This year, UEA Hockey Club raised almost £2000 for the Meningitis Trust at the 11th annual Old Boys’ weekend, taking the total amount raised to over a staggering £25,000 to date.

UEA Pirates progress to semi-finals

American Football Team one game away from competing for national title