The Korfball team have released a lip-sync video and it’s pretty incredible

Move over Rugby, there’s some new lads in town

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A video released by the UEA Korfball team is about to break the internet – and if you don’t know what Korfball is, you’re going to love it anyway.

The video, which has clocked up a whopping 600+ views, showcases the musical talents of the UEA Korfball team as they mime along to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl.

The teammates have pushed aside all remains of dignity for the chance of winning £250 in an LCR lip-syncing competition.

What’s the worst that could happen?

President Matt Gallager said: “It was a Union-wide competition for clubs and societies with the aim of producing a lip-syncing video to be played in last night’s LCR about boy bands .

“It offered an opportunity to advertise Korfball, and also there is a cash prize of £250 to go into the clubs funds which would be a great help to us if we won it .”

Korfball, for those not in the know, is kind of like a mixed version of basketball and netball.

The blockbuster stars Team President Matt Gallagher, Publicity Secretary Chris Freakes and Third Team Captain David Reed.

The boys say the video was inspired by Social Secretary Camille Koosyial, whose favourite song is Uptown Girl.

Camille also directed the video and organised the creative choreography.

She said: “It was quite last minute. I tried the night before to think about some scenes and stuff we could do.

“I mean I’ll be honest, keeping their movements in time was quite shocking but they did a pretty bang up job I’d say.”

The boys might not be much good at dancing, but they’ve already decided who their boyband inspiration is.

Matt said: “It has to be Busted, just for the sheer sing-a-long factor.

“Chris is our Charlie – let alone millions of girls, he’s gonna leave me heart broken when he leaves.

“David is our guitar-playing heartthrob. He’s the dream.”

The team haven’t decided what they’ll spend their winnings on yet. Here’s hoping they invest it back into their budding music careers.

Camille said: “There’ll definitely be more. I think there might even be a Christmas special – but that’ll have to be a surprise.”