Rugby fresher cracks head open during social

Well, on the walk home

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Something eventful is always bound to happen at a Rugby social – but on Wednesday night one unlucky fresher ended up in A&E after splitting his head open. 

The group had been planning to go to Mojo’s bar for Sports Night, and for the most part, they all got there – except for first year Chemistry student Tom Shapley.

Hapless fresher Tom decided he wouldn’t be able to make the walk into town. With his inner sober self speaking sense, he left pre drinks and tried to get back to his accommodation.

However on his stumble home, Tom tripped up outside Colman House – cracking his head on the ground and slicing open his ear, too.

Luckily his flatmates were on hand to help and an ambulance was called.

Usually the blood’s fake

Tom, who plays second row for the 2s team, doesn’t remember experiencing any pain at all, probably due to the whiskey he was drinking at pre drinks.

He was taken to hospital where his forehead was glued back together and doctors sewed three stitches in his ear.

Unfortunately, Tom won’t be able to play Rugby again until after Christmas.

When asked about his injury, he said: “I should have been wearing a scrum cap during the pre”.