Why play basketball, rugby or football when you can get it all in one?

Is this ‘mutant crossover’ of a sport for you? Jack Enright introduces us to UEA Lacrosse.

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Take a stroll down to Colney Lane on a Wednesday afternoon and you may well encounter an interesting experience.

Past the deserted desolate rugby pitches on the furthermost field can be found one of UEA’s more exotic sports teams. What at first might resemble a mutant crossover of American Football and Hockey is in fact the game made famous by Stifler in American Pie. UEA Lacrosse are a club on the rise, bettered only by Fencing in UEA’s BUCS points positions, and are beginning to be taken seriously as a sport.

While it may not be as universally known as its popular cousin American Football, UEA Lacrosse is a thriving society in its own right. The Men’s side are currently riding high at the top of their league, yet to be beaten and boast a formidable goal difference. The Women’s team are matching these efforts and are yet to lose a match too. The club is not just performing well on the pitch either – the consensus from members is that the club is one of the most friendly and outgoing societies around.  Presence on campus may be discreet, but it’s clear that the society is in very rude health.

Part of the secret lies in the club’s ‘welcoming atmosphere’, according to members. The Tab spoke to First Year student and Lacrosse member Clare Gilchrist, who was enthusiastic in her praise. “Joining Lacrosse in Fresher’s week was definitely one of my better decision…the sessions are just great fun. It’s a game that might seem scarily different to the sports you grow up playing at school, but in fact it’s perfectly easy to pick up”. She was also effusive in her praise of the society’s social aspect, saying “the pub after training is also something everyone looks forward to – that and the many socials means it’s easy getting to know everyone”. Indeed, it seems organised socials come thick and fast throughout the year; whether it is a classic LCR night or trip’s to The Riverside for a Wetherspoon’s and film combo.

On the pitch UEA Lacrosse are flying. The Men’s team currently boast a record of 49 goals scored and only 9 conceded. A run of form which team captain Steven van de Put thinks could have them challenging for promotion come the end of the season, “were leading the table at the moment and that’s after some very tough fixtures – I feel confident we have a good chance.”

Explaining the basics of Lacrosse for those who are unfamiliar with the game, Put described Lacrosse as a game “that combines many elements of several sports. It has the speed of basketball, the physicality of rugby and the team-play of football. It takes the strong points of all these sports and combines them into one”.

The message from members is very clear; this is a society worth taking note of. University life is full of opportunities to try new and interesting sports; what most don’t offer is the thriving social side that you will find at UEA Lacrosse.

The UEA Lacrosse train at Colney Lane on Wednesday’s 1-4, Saturday’s 12-4, and 5-6 at the Sportspark. No previous experience is required. For more information search “UEA Lacrosse” on Facebook.