Hockey team suspended after incident on bus which did NOT involve a pig

25 people who weren’t even on the bus are also facing investigation

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 The UEA men’s hockey teams have been suspended by the Union after a “serious breach” of conduct.

The first and second teams were on a bus home after a match in Oxford when an “incident” occurred – and now team members are denying a pig-based scandal of David Cameron proportions.

Videos of the alleged incident were apparently shared by team members on Snapchat and now the club’s two upcoming matches have been cancelled.

Richard Shapland, captain of the men’s hockey team, said: “At no point have we had an initiation, and at no point has the hockey club had anything to do with a pig.”

Speaking to The Tab, Shapland explained: “We have been suspended due to an incident on a bus back from Oxford on Wednesday.

“We don’t know what the incident was, but I can dispel any rumours suggesting it was in relation to an initiation ritual.”

A Union spokesperson told The Tab: “We have received allegations, supported by video evidence, of behaviour from two Sports Teams that if proven would constitute a serious breach of the Union’s Code of Conduct.

The Union’s Code of Conduct says acts of “gross misconduct” include “bringing the organisation into serious disrepute” and “sexual misconduct”.


The Union continued: “The two teams have been suspended pending an investigation which will begin as soon as possible. It would be inappropriate to comment further whilst the investigation is ongoing.”

The club’s future in the league is uncertain. The investigation continues this week.