Bomb disposal sets off controlled explosion near sports pitches

It was the chemists again


Shocked students were caught off guard by a bomb disposal unit at the Colney Lane Pavilion this morning.

The team detonated a controlled explosion in the field outside the sports pitches around 10am.

The explosion is part of the science department’s attempt to manage their chemicals more successfully after the chemical spill last week.


Two 4X4 cars with “bomb disposal” written on the side were seen driving around in the field before the explosion.

A member of uni staff said: “The science faculty is taking steps to improve the managing of chemicals on campus, after the incident at the chemistry building last week.

“This is being thoroughly and carefully planned and managed. The chemicals, which include specialist substances, are being worked with far away from the centre of campus, from students.”

Two fishermen near the scene said: “There were two cars with sirens and flashing blue lights driving around near where the explosion was.”

There are now two patches of sand in the field, one six feet across and the other around two feet.

A spokesperson for the university said:

“Following the incident in the Chemistry Building at UEA last week and as part of the university’s ongoing housekeeping in ensuring safety for all, the Science faculty is taking steps to minimise its holdings of certain chemicals and materials.

“The University frequently disposes of waste and unwanted chemicals using specialist contractors. Part of this process involved the disposal by specialists of some substances on campus grounds, early today (Wednesday 29 October) at a safe distance from buildings. This is a routine procedure for the specialist company, but exceptional for UEA due to the nature of chemical being disposed of.

“The relevant authorities were alerted ahead of the disposal as were staff and students.”