Fallowfield students hold vigil for car crushed by tree

‘We felt a little crazy with our candles and the Cars soundtrack playing over a Bluetooth speaker’

The storms that caused havoc over the UK last week, resulted in the painful loss of unlikely local icon, Dobson the car, on Clifton Avenue in Fallowfield.

Sasha Little a third year at The University of Manchester was woken up on the 21st of February by her boyfriend’s housemate who broke the news that her beloved Dobson had been crushed by a tree.

Sasha told The Manchester Tab: “At first I thought he was lying… I went outside and alas, a huge tree was lying on poor Dobson and also blocking the entire road while it was at it.

“It was pretty sad to see Dobby and his poor little suspension trying its best but I’m sure it was a quick death.”

Dobson under the tree

Sasha described Dobson as her “little baby” that she’s been “through thick and thin with”. Which is why after an outpouring of love on Manchester Student Group she decided to hold a candlelight vigil to commemorate his passing.

Local students and residents of Fallowfield gathered around Dobson holding candles whilst the Cars movie soundtrack played over a Bluetooth speaker and passing cars gave honks of respect.

Dobson being driven away

Sasha said “I’m so glad we were able to give Dobby a good send off into the scrapyard in the sky.”

Dobson has now been removed from the site of his death, miraculously in his battered state he was still able to motor down the road briefly before being taken away.

Sasha has her eyes on a black Polo to be Dobson’s successor but is currently waiting to see if she can get her insurance to pay out more although says “you can’t put a price on love”.

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