Over 18,000 votes were counted: Now we can officially reveal Manchester’s favourite club

We all know Manc’s nightlife is better than Leeds and cheaper than London but which club is students’ favourite?

Whilst many cities claim to have the best nightlife in the UK we all know the only real contender is Manchester. From the days of the Haçienda to Canal Street and The Warehouse Project, no city comes close to Manc’s rich history and love for a night out.

Countless double vodka Red Bulls and tacky chuns at pres have gone into this research but we can now finally reveal Manchester student’s favourite club.

Over 18,000 votes were cast and eventually, 16 clubs nominated by you were whittled down to just one triumphant winner.

The first round was a bloodbath with almost every winner coming out on top in a landslide, except the fourth matchup where 256 squeaked out a surprise victory over Factory by just one vote.

The first round of results

By the quarter-finals, we were finally starting to find out the real elites of the Manc nightlife scene, 42s, Hidden, The White Hotel and Deaf Institute all made it into the very prestigious final four.

The quarter-final results

In the first semi-final, it seems not enough people have yet been willing to make the trek to Salford as 42s knocked out edgy-favourite, The White Hotel.

The second semi-final was arguably the battle for best Manchester smoking area as Deaf Institute and Hidden came up against each other, but ultimately Hidden came out on top.

The final four

The final was hotly contested between indie-rock classic 42s and the DnB and techno royalty that is Hidden.

And after all that, 16 competitors and over 18,000 votes, we can reveal that by a margin of just 51 to 49 per cent…

42s was crowned Manchester student’s favourite club. It truly seems the key to a Manc student’s heart will always be cheap drinks, the Courteeners and an Instagrammable tunnel.

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