Your favourite Fallowfield takeaway’s hygiene reports revealed

Wait until you read what they had to say about Kej’s

Everyone’s susceptible to the odd takeaway, especially after stumbling off the Magicbus at 4am in Fallowfield.

The Manchester Tab received the hygiene reports of some of Fallowfield’s most notable late night takeaways. Of those both Kej’s and Chester’s received just a level one rating, meaning “major improvement necessary”.

In Kej’s report, the inspection on the 5th of May 2021 found “contraventions with legislation” and Kej’s agreed to a voluntary closure until required thorough cleaning and pest control measures were put in place.

The inspector noted the “presence of mouse droppings throughout the rear storeroom and cleaning issues throughout the takeaway”.

An extract from the report showing Kej’s agreed to a voluntary closure

The inspector also claims that high risk foods were “left in the unit overnight” with the chilled display unit turned off overnight, despite the fact that “high risk foods must be stored at a temperature of 8c or below unless they are being displayed for service”.

An extract from the report showing food was left out unchilled overnight

Interior surfaces, walls, floors, pizza belt, condiment bottles, sanitiser bottles, extractor and shelving units were all dirty and required cleaning.

Along with immediate cleaning issues, Kej’s was asked to ensure a “pest contractor visits and provides two clear reports before the premise can reopen”. A spokesperson for Kej’s told The Manchester Tab all issues were addressed prior to reopening.

Chester’s in Fallowfield also agreed to a voluntary closure following its most recent inspection in August 2019. The inspection found a “general failure to satisfy statutory obligations” including again “mouse droppings throughout the premises”. The mouse droppings were found to be in particular around the dough mixer, on the floor beneath pizza base trays and on shelving.

The report says a member of staff agreed to a voluntary closure after the inspection.

It advised Chester’s would be able to re-open once they had up-to-date pest reports; a visit, treatment and proofing survey from a pest contractor; a thorough cleaning and sanitisation of the premises; and got pest-proof containers for foods. The takeaway is now re-open and according to the government website has not had an inspection since.

The other hygiene reports shared with The Manchester Tab include Allen’s Fried Chicken which received a three star rating. Krunchy Fried Chicken also received a three star rating.

A spokesperson for Kej’s said: “All the issues addressed in the inspectors initial hygiene report were rectified prior to reopening. Our cleaning and food handling regime has been updated accordingly. Staff have been retrained to reflect the new changes.

“We have applied for a rescore and we are confident we will attain a much better scoring. Due to Covid the rescoring has been delayed for up to 3 months. Furthermore, we have had routine pest control visits and can confirm there is no pest activity. The last 3 reports have reflected this.”

Chester’s has been contacted for comment.

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