Another #KillTheBill Protest to take place organised by Sisters Uncut MCR

‘We will not be silenced. End state and gendered violence’

Another #KillTheBill Protest is set to take place in Manchester’s City Centre on Saturday 20th March from 4:30-7pm. The protest will take place in Piccadilly Gardens and has been organised by the Manchester branch of Sisters Uncut.

Sisters Uncut is a feminist group taking direct action for domestic violence services. The poster for the Manchester protest states: “We will not be silenced. End state and gendered violence”.

They said: “Safety is a right, not a privlege. Bring flowers, banners, signs, and placards, sound-making items, friends, comrades, partners, family. All genders welcome.

“Be mindful of the space you take up and be kind to one another. #KillTheBill.”

Sisters Uncut MCR also commented below their post: “Go to our Twitter for legal, COVID, and protest safety tips. We keep each other safe.”

Sisters Uncut MCR told the Manchester Tab: “We’re meeting at 4:30pm in Piccadilly Gardens to demand an end to state and gendered violence. We believe the solution to this lies in community solidarity and response, and well-funded public services. Not by increased police powers and not by reducing our right to protest.

“Sarah Everard’s death is not a one-off event and must be seen in the context of the structures of violence against women in this country. This includes the police who brutally manhandled grieving women on the 13th March at Clapham Common, the routine failures of the police to investigate rape cases, as well as their record of domestic abuse against women.

“These abuses of power compound the trauma already faced by Black women, women of colour, migrant women and other marginalised communities such as trans women, gender non-conforming and non-binary people, sex workers and countless others. These communities are disproportionately impacted by state and interpersonal violence and face increased barriers to accessing support.

“We stand against the government giving the police more powers in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. We stand against state racism and gendered violence including transphobia and believe in coming together to oppose all forms of oppression and abuses of power.”

Sisters Uncut MCR also signposted their Twitter post, which features a thread of covid/legal/safety tips to ensure protestors know their rights.

To stay updated about the protest, you can follow and find more information out via Sisters Uncut MCR’s Twitter, Instagram or webpage.

Feature images credit to: Lizzie Rose  

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