Vigil held for Sarah Everard in Manchester City Centre

It took place in St Peter’s Square by the statue of Emmeline Pankhurst

Last Sunday, a vigil was held in Manchester City Centre in remembrance and honour of Sarah Everard.

Sarah Everard went missing from Clapham on March 3rd. Her body was found a week later in Kent and a police officer has been charged with her kidnap and murder.

The vigil in Manchester went ahead despite the cancellations which were seen across the country, plans impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

A student who attended the event told the Manchester Tab: “The vigil was really empowering – lots of women were sharing stories, which was heartbreaking but so powerful.

“The police weren’t there so obviously everything was peaceful.”

Vigils and protests have taken place across the country to mourn the death of Sarah Everard and to protest for the safety of women.

Group Reclaim These Streets organised a series of vigils for Sarah Everard and despite official cancellations, many people still came out in solidarity to pay their respects.

Whilst many vigils were able to go ahead peacefully, such as the Manchester St Peter’s Square vigil and those in Bristol and Nottingham, attendees in Clapham were met with “violence” from the Metropolitan Police Force.

Since the Manchester vigil, a #KillTheBill protest has taken place, another organised for this coming Saturday 20th March by the Manchester branch of ‘Sisters Uncut’.

Feature image credit to: Erica Chesworth. 

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