Poppy Bilderbeck

Meet the UoM second year who’s started a Pakistani vegetarian food business

Malik’s Tiffin Boxes is freshly prepared and even does delivery within the Fallowfield area

Meet student action group S.A.F.E.R, ‘fighting for academic, financial and physical safety’

S.A.F.E.R, ‘A Student Action for a Fair and Educated Response’

A #SAVETHERAVE music cycle took place last night in Manchester

The ride was to raise awareness for Manchester’s struggling music industry

Manchester student launches #IDO mental health photography campaign

He said: ‘During lockdown, it’s like loads of people have forgotten about mental health’

Organisation All Black Lives Manc is holding a day of action and march

The event will take place this Sunday

Manchester students are ‘in intensive care’ due to Covid-19

Over 1,000 UoM students have been confirmed as testing positive for the virus

University of Manchester now has over 1,000 cases of coronavirus on campus

1,041 students and 20 members of staff have tested positive

Manc band Monday Night Special on their new album and how they’re staying creative during covid

‘This is definitely a challenging year to think about starting a band, but as moist as it sounds, carpe diem!’

824 Manchester Uni students have confirmed positive cases of coronavirus

18 members of staff have also tested positive

Organisation All Black Lives Manc is holding ‘an anti-racist event’ this Sunday

It will take place in Piccadilly Gardens and will ‘celebrate Black culture’

Student mental health is being neglected, right when we need help the most

I had coronavirus, and as my physical symptoms improved, my mental health decreased

Exclusive: ‘It’s shambolic’ MSG Admin Farris Ramzy on the MMU halls fiasco

‘The government knew what was coming, they sent students back anyway and now they’re blaming us’

Coronavirus cases at MMU halls after parties of over 100 people

Part of Birley Halls is now in lockdown due to the outbreak

MMU students host parties at halls despite local lockdown and new rule of six

There were around 100 students

Here’s everything you should know about Manchester Uni before Freshers’ Week

How to be a Manny student 101

‘He rang his mum’: Fallow students share their worst experiences on a date

‘He was a Tory’

‘Manchester should be proud’: Thousands protest for Black Lives Matter

Each day saw upwards of 15,000 people protesting

Two Black Lives Matter protests to take place in Manchester this weekend

The protests will take place on both Saturday and Sunday

Meet Freddie Pearson: Manchester third year with 120,000 Instagram followers

The mental health advocate spills all on ‘influencing’, fitness and social media

Forget Fallow’s Fittest, meet Fallow’s Frankest lockdown looks

‘Cos the only way I’d be getting a six pack this lockdown is by fake tanning it on

This Manchester student did a full-on photoshoot in Allen’s chicken shop

Up and coming singer-songwriter Ari Mor reveals all

20 Fallow-fashion things to do in the Coronavirus lockdown

The sesh lives on in the comfort of your Surrey home

The lonely effects of self-isolating for COVID-19

Self-isolating is all well and good, unless you have depression (woo)

We asked Manc students for their worst night out stories, and wow they’re gross

‘I stole a bouncer’s motorbike and drove it past him’

Here’s the tea: MMU house parties are infinitely better than those of UoM

The pill-seeking fire dancer being the cherry on the cake