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This is not an April Fools: Greggs say they’re looking into opening a Fallowfield store

This time we aren’t joking!!!

Remember how we pranked you all with an April Fools article on Greggs opening in Fallowfield last month? Well, this is embarrassing, as it turns out Greggs might actually be coming to Fallow after all!!

We spoke to a Greggs spokesperson, who told us that Greggs are looking into opening a premises in Fallowfield this year.

Our favourite pastry brand said they will have more information about exactly where and when soon.

A Greggs spokesperson said: "We're looking into the possibility of opening a new shop in Fallowfield later this year and will have more information about exactly where and when soon."

Manchester students, your dreams have been heard.

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Always follow your heart ?

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And it doesn't seem like we are the only ones that will be excited about the new store.

Ever since the success of the vegan sausage roll, Greggs has entered the epicentre of British culture, catering to all and every dietary requirement, from vegans to carnivores, feeding the stoned, the drunk, the commuters in the morning.

After multiple business closures in Fallowfield, this is the news we all needed to hear.