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40 Pro-Brexit protesters contained outside Greggs in Manchester after march from St. Peters’ Square

Protesters were spotted giving Nazi salutes and singing ‘Rule! Britannia’

40 Pro-Brexit protesters in yellow high-vis jackets have been contained outside Greggs on Mosley Steet in Manchester after a short march from St. Peters' Square while playing "Rule Brittania!" through a small soundsystem.

The protest march was livestreamed on Facebook by John A. Lawrence and has attracted 93k views and counting, including comments from France where the yellow vest movement originated. Translated, Aurelien Gree said "courage to you, the world will wake up soon". Another added "Bravo les gilets jaunes", which translates to "well done yellow jackets".

Greater Manchester Police said they estimate around forty people are currently taking part in the protest, which was then escorted to Picadilly Gardens.

John A Lawrence streamed the protest live on his Facebook profile, where he gives his occupation as a 'Squadron Leader' at 'right wing'. In the video, he says he is a member of Britain First, and gives a speech in St. Peters Square before the march begins.

In his speech, he compares their movement to the Suffragette and says "women's rights are being took over again by foreign cultures or religions". He also claimed Manchester has seen the highest increase in the rate of violent crime in the UK, saying "forget London".

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The march then moved on towards Mosley Street, where they were contained outside Greggs by Greater Manchester Police.

One protester was seen in a homemade jacket displaying the message "No Deal Brexit!" alongside a raised middle finger. Many of the protesters wore jackets with slogans such as "We want our country back" and "No surrender". Another protester was seen walking a small dog with a matching yellow high-vis jacket with a piece of A4 paper stuck to the back of her jacket reading "Brexit Betrayal" and "Traitors". EDL clothing was also spotted on the protesters.

At one point the group could be heard shouting "Justice for Aidan James" referring to him as "a patriot from Liverpool". Aidan James was charged with terror offences in February after reportedly fighting alongside the YPG Kurdish militia.

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The protest march has now been moved to Piccadilly Gardens after a short hiatus outside Greggs, where a few protesters stopped to have a cigarette.

Greater Manchester Police issued this statement: "Police are aware of a protest in Manchester today, Saturday 5 January 2019.

"Officers are on duty to support any requirement to facilitate peaceful protest whilst also minimising disruption to the communities of Manchester."

Mr Lawrence has been approached for comment.