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You can get FREE vegan food at UoM today

Linda McCartney is the gift that keeps giving

As part of Linda McCartney's highly anticipated "vegucation tour", the Linda Van is pulling up at the University of Manchester Freshers' Fair offering vegan food to UoM students for FREE.

The van will be distributing a series of vegan delights free of both guilt and money. It can be found at the entrance of the Freshers' Fair which is located outside Manchester Academy.

There is also the chance to end up on their Instagram story, efficiently spreading the word of your ethical endeavours nationwide. If you tag them on Instagram in any pictures taken with #VegucationTour you are then entered in a prize draw to win a copy of Gaz Oakley's 'Vegan 100' recipe book.

The Vegucation tour is starting in Manchester, then travelling to Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham and then Bristol, unsurprisingly. It is intending to spread the noble word of vegetarianism and veganism to freshers across the country.

It is the perfect opportunity to make friends with the strong foundation of veganism uniting you; a vegan friend is a friend for life.

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