Clubber gets Ark Deansgate Locks stamp tattooed on his bum

He has received free entry and half price drinks as a reward

Frequenter of Deansgate Locks club, Ark, got “tired of washing his stamps off” so had it permanently tattooed onto his body

A man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has received a black card for getting the tattoo which gets him free entry and half price drinks forever.

Despite being encouraged by his mates, he doesn’t regret getting his tattoo, and claims that it is helping his pulling game.

The tattoo in the process

The tattoo in the process

Ark posted photos of the tattooing on their Facebook page and wrote: “Big question… is it worth it?” However they clearly admire his commitment to the club after giving him the black card.

Despite wanting to remain anonymous, the Ark-lover told The Tab: “It was actually my brother who made a joke on Facebook to get it done then when Ark said they’d do it.

“He dared me to get it done and my mate paid, but I decided the morning after I was saying I wanted a girl to stop me going out every night and get my head on. Looks like thats not going to happen, I’ll be in Ark every week!

The finished product


“I definitely don’t regret it, I think its hilarious and so do my mates. I suppose they have to if they want the benefits as well. Ark have been really good and have already sorted us out the other day and I’ve already started using the card.

“The looks I get when I show the card are funny as well, people don’t believe its me and I got three girls numbers in one night. My life was pretty great already and this is the stuff I look at and think it’s great.

“Most people think its funny but some just can’t handle it.”

He’s certainly made his mark, we hope it’s worth all those half price drinks.