Chicken King is the one and only chicken shop you should be going to in Fallowfield

The true crowning glory


Chicken. King. Two simple words literally translating to the male ruler of an independent state of domestic fowl kept for its eggs or meat.

But it means oh so much more.

The true crowning glory, albeit with a broken sign

It’s a place you can call home after a night out, it offers the fastest, yet undoubtedly most delicious meals and it’s all accompanied by a smile that says “I prepared this with the deepest love from the warmth of my heart”.

Let’s be honest, it’s the only place worth eating in Fallowfield and here’s why.

The food is genuinely delicious

Winner winner chicken dinner

Throw away your Kebab King cheesy chips and your £2.99 Venice Pizza – they look like shit and they taste like shit, stop kidding yourself. Swap it for the most succulent fried chicken that your tongue has ever touched, covered in the crispiest golden batter that shits all over KFC’s questionable blend of herbs and spices.

Pick number six for an explosion of tastebuds in the form of deep fried spicy wings. It’s only comparable to the first time your mum let you loose in the treat cupboard. If you don’t want it sober after having it drunk, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

It’s not all fried chicken

A bubbling vat of oil not take your fancy? The poultry king gets it all right with their peri peri wraps, which you can probably fool yourself into thinking are healthy. To be honest, what’s the point in busting your loan on Nandos’ average chicken when your boys across the road do a better peri peri for a much better price.

They deliver

Oh baby

It doesn’t need any more explanation. Chicken King takes pride of place on JustEat so you can literally sample the best of the poultry goods from the comfort of your own bedroom, and it doesn’t even take long to come. Oh and delivery is free.



The man, the myth, the legend.

His smile is second to none, and even when he gets angry at rowdy freshers, you just want to give him a cuddle. No one wants to deal with Paz playing hard to get these days now he’s overwhelmed by popularity, whereas Shahz stands in modestly in his red Winnie the Pooh type polo shirt.

The rest of the staff are dece too

Be their friend and they’ll be yours. Drop them an extra line of good chat, they’ll drop you an extra chicken strip. Just be nice and they might just swap your chips for wedges.

Their sauces are in pots

I hear you laughing, it sounds trivial. But if you know, you know.

Nothing screams disappointment like your garlic mayo mixing with your ketchup and submerging your chips. Chicken King do it right with their lidded pots for minimal spillage.

They also double up as a makeshift ash tray if that’s your vibe.

It’s next to Koh Tao

You can literally roll out of the smoking area into the loving arms of Chicken King. I mean does anyone even go anywhere else these days?

It’s just as good when you’re sober

In all its daytime glory

The thought of a sober Kebab King or Winky’s (R.I.P) is less appealing than turning up to your Monday 9am. It smells rank, is covered in an unfathomable amount of grease and just fills you with regret from when you were there drunk.

The daytime Chicken King vibe is on another level. It feels like a completely new establishment – the staff are different, the music changes and it’s far from grime.

But it’s still the same delicious food.