13 cannabis farms found in Fallowfield

Caught green-handed

Greater Manchester Police have released figures revealing over 700 cannabis farms were found last year in Manchester, 13 of which were in Fallowfield.

Shockingly enough Fallowfield beat Didsbury, officially the tamest area when it comes to growing it, with only 4 people getting caught.

The grass isn’t greener in Didsbury

To count as a “farm” the premises has to have 25 plants or more, and/or be clearly adapted with lights and ventilation for the production of cannabis.

Although the 733 total may sound high, it’s a lot less than in previous years. 879 were caught in 2013, and 2012 was a big one, with 1,070 farms nabbed in total in the Greater Manchester area.

Cultivation on a budget

This past year has also seen one of the biggest examples of weeding out criminals, with a farm discovered back in July reckoned to be worth a whopping £400k. The raid found around 650 cannabis plants in the upstairs of the massive five-bed mansion.

Police forces nationwide now reckon there are about 6.8 cannabis farms per 100,000 people, but Manchester are staying above average.