‘Ridiculous’ uni officials ban fourth year’s ‘deceitful’ Parklife transport

It’s called the Parklife LadyBus

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Uni big dogs have kiboshed Parklife plans for nearly 600 festival-goers who now have no way of getting there.

The LadyBus, organised by fourth year Chemical Engineer Jonny Hauser, was set to pick up 597 students from the Armitage Centre and drop them off in the festival’s own car park, raising almost £800 for charity.

But this week the uni have pulled the plug on it because Jonny didn’t do a risk assessment.

10 coaches were booked, but now they’ve all be banned from using the car park in what has been branded a “ridiculous” and “confusing” excuse.

Surprised Jonny was summoned for a meeting this week with the university’s board of directors, who reeled off a list of confusing reasons why his transport service could not run, leaving hundreds without a way to and from the festival.

Jonny told The Tab: “I thought I had parking booked with the Armitage Centre after I sorted it in February.

“However, I received an unexpected call from the Head of Sport on Thursday. She asked me to explain myself, and then accused me of doing it without permission.

“She also said it would be impossible to do because we might wake up the residents of Moseley Road.”

Last year’s LadyBus

In what he described as “foolish”, Jonny shared his booking information with Vicky Foster-Lloyd, Head of Sport, believing it would put an end to his plans being ruined.

But she had other ideas and consulted more uni officials, resulting in a battle between the uni and the LadyBus at an urgent meeting.

Jonny added: “I was told I was being deceitful.

“The Head of Student Life said I should have done a risk assessment have public liability insurance, but I was never asked to do this by anyone before.

“They even asked whether I had booked an ambulance.”

Although there are plans for 15 stewards and two professional security guards to be present, when he asked whether he could make use of the car park if he took the necessary steps, Jonny was answered with a firm no.

Jonny (left) was told he was ‘deceitful’

He said: “They told me there was absolutely no way we could collaborate.

“I feel like a nine year-old being told off, they are being ridiculous.

“It’s hard to know who is even in charge as I’ve been told different things by different people and the real reason I can’t do this is not being made clear.”

SU Community Officer, Ellen McGlaughlin, told The Tab: “It’s much safer for 600 students to be transported to and from Parklife on a bus than having to walk back from Heaton Park.

“I think it’s unfortunate and short sighted the university won’t allow the buses in the Armitage car park.”

The Tab contacted the University but they are yet to respond.

Other students are buying official weekend travel passes to make their ways there allowing the flexibility to travel on Tram or the Parklife Shuttle Bus from the city centre.