Student pets: Venus the tiny tortoise

She’s five cm big

Meet the IndianStar tortoise from Whitby Road.


Name: Venus Tia El-Chamaa

Age: 13 months (her birthday party in November was a hoot)

Relationship status: Down for whatever

this gal knows how to celebrate in style

Likes: Blended vegetables, long jogs in the morning, sunbathing, warm dark spaces, hide and seek, letting loose, sitting, dance-offs

Dislikes: running for the bus, trying to find a seat in the Learning Commons, not having blended vegetables, people who are late

Favourite Film: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

so naughty

Favourite Music: Anything with bass

Hobbies: reading (The Hare and the Tortoise is her fave), snoozing, hunting for small dark spaces, watching I’m A Celeb with the gang, dancing like there’s no tomorrow

Celebrity crush: David Attenborough

friends for life

Owner, third year Gabi el Chamaa see’s Venus not only as her tortoise, but as her best mate: “By day she’s my therapist and by night she patrols the house, guarding us from any intruders”

Venus returns the love in her own special way: “she has taken a liking to shitting on my hand.”

Living in a house full of ladies isn’t easy, but Venus always manages to play it cool and keep out of the drama.

And here’s some really cute videos of Venus in action:

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