Revealed: The library earns almost half a million in fines

Uni raking it in from student charges

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As well as our punishing £9,000 fees, uni has another little way of scrounging dosh from us.

Figures obtained by The Tab show that Manchester’s library has earned nearly half a million quid over the last four years from student charges.

It’s a fine day at the library

The academic year 2010/11 was the most costly year for us, with more than £160,000 forked out for overdue loans.

But it seems we’re getting better at remembering those old text books, as we handed over £30,000 less in 2012/13.

And from August last year till January 2014, we’ve only shelled 18 grand to our library overlords.


Student fines paid







Aug 2013 – Jan 2014



But what is this extra wad of cash being spent on?

“Money we collect from fines goes back into running the library”, said a library spokesman.

“When books are lost or irreparably damaged, the replacement costs are passed on to the student  concerned”.

So it’s not all for the staff Christmas piss up then…

We can’t keep the books we take out?