Video: Shocking CCTV shows Manchester student attacked by gunman

This is the terrifying moment a madman attempts to rob a student at gun point – just outside uni

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Manchester Police have released dramatic footage of a UoM student being attacked by a gunman.

The masked maniac with his firearm

It was just a typical stroll home from a night out, so imagine one student’s horror when he was ambushed by a gun bearing man in a mask – right outside University Place.

The balaclava clad gunman

Jason Dunne was seen on CCTV last November as he cycled across Oxford Road and sprinted over to an 18-year-old student.

He then jabbed the handgun to the victim’s body, demanding he hand over his phone and yelling “Do you want to be shot?”

Legend: student swings for armed gunman

Dunne ran off when he was unsuccessful but his getaway failed when two uni security officers legged it after him and pinned him to the ground.

But not before the brave student delivered an impressive blow a head.

The incident happened near uni place

The terrifying incident, which took place at around 4am on 29th November, was all captured on CCTV – and police have just released the shocking footage.

The gun turned out to be a fake, but police arrested the 42-year-old gunman for attempted armed robbery, and he was  banged up for 5 years last week.

But it’s all thanks to uni security who pounced on the criminal before he could get away.

Uni security capture the armed criminal

Detective Chief Inspector Colin Larkin said:

“He was armed with a gun, a terrifying weapon that he used to threaten his victim”,

“Security staff saw that he was armed, [but] they bravely and without consideration for their own safety set out to detain this man, which they did successfully”.

Check out the full video below.