Raise a glass to Manchester’s ‘Sober Society’

Meet the ‘Pub-Preferring People’.

Drinking Manchester pub preferring people sober society

Who says a fun night out has to involve downing your own weight in beer, and dancing like a pillock in a club till the early hours?

A new social group at Manchester uni is challenging this status quo, by hosting activities for those who want an exciting evening, without the risk of a hangover.

No more scenes like this

Set up in September, nearly 200 students are now members of the ‘Pub-Preferring People’ group on Facebook, which hosts events twice a week.

As the name suggests, alcohol is not completely off the agenda, but their nights focus more on having a good time without a skinful of Dutch courage.

Jess Doorbar, de-facto leader of the Pub-Preferring People and first year languages student, spoke to The Tab about how the idea was born.

“Someone posted on the Manchester freshers’ group that they don’t really like night clubs, and wondered if anyone fancied doing other things”, she explained.

If this isn’t your cup of tea…

“Within a few days, there were about 100 comments from other people who agreed, and then someone set up a Facebook group for us all”.

So what kind of things do these guys get up to?

“We’ve done laser quest, curry nights, comedy clubs, and when the weather gets nice again, there are lots of country pubs in areas outside the city”.

But it’s not only open to freshers, or just UoM for that matter.

“There are second and third years who are members too, and even someone from Man Met”.

Although not an official society within the SU as of now, this may change soon.

“It’s something we might look into if we keep doing what we’re doing – we could offer an alternate freshers week and things like that”.

So next time you fancy a night out free from raucous Revs or frightful Factory, call on the Pub-Preferring People.

Laser quest – brings out the 8 year old in all of us