UCL’s best moustaches of Movember

Out comes the Gillette as Movember finally comes to an end

During November, many individuals and sports teams chose to participate in Movember – a charity that raises awareness for mens mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The official UCL Movember page outlines that “UCL are looking to educate Men and Women about the issues of Testicular Cancer, Prostate Cancer, as well as Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.”

All together UCL raised a total of nearly £21,000 for the charity, with the top 3 sports teams raising most money being:

1. UCL Men’s football club (£9,333.45)

2. UCL Men’s rugby (£4,152.35)

3. RUMS Football Club (£1,220)

In ending the month, The London Tab assessed and put together our top picks under relevant categories. So check out below for our favourite moustaches of Movember 2021:

Best growth

Worst growth

Most likely to be mistaken for a pedophile

Most wholesome


Runners up:

Sexiest pose


Runner up:

Shouldn’t have even tried

Our favourites (for no particular reason)

Best overall

Out of all the moustaches we reviewed, this one really stood out. Execution, growth, pride. This guy knows he looks good.

And here is a collection all of the moustaches grown during November by the sports teams:

UCL Men’s football club

Kudos to the UCLFC for giving weekly Movember updates on Instagram and leading the campaign by storm.


UCL Men’s Rugby

RUMS Football

RUMS Rugby

UCL Emperors American Football

Overall, an overwhelming number UCL students, including 16 UCL sports team, showed their support for the Movember movement this November by growing a moustache. But as fun and lighthearted this campaign is, the global crisis it tries to address shouldn’t be ignored. Around 10.8 million men globally will face life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. And one man dies by suicide every minute of the day, with males accounting for 69% of all suicides worldwide.

You can still donate on the UCL Movember page.

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