Violence used at Clapham Common Sarah Everard vigil to disperse peaceful attendees

Police officers used force to remove people from the bandstand and benches

*TW Violence

The Clapham Common vigil for Sarah Everard turned from a place of peace and remembrance for a woman who lost her life into a violent panic as police officers began to use force to remove people from the event.

The event began as a peaceful and solemn event to remember the life of Sarah Everard but tension began to rise as police became more involved as they dispersed amongst the crowd and asked those on the bandstand to move on.

The vigil was scheduled to begin at 6pm but attendees told the Tab that by 7pm the police were telling people to leave.

Prior to the police dispersing the crowd, attendees chanted “Reclaim our streets” and “Say her name” and heard from speakers paying tribute to Sarah Everard, celebrating her life.

The attendees clapped for Sarah Everard and all other women demonstrating that this event was to be a peaceful vigil and not a violent affair.

Alex and his partner, who attended the vigil said the experience was:

“A mix of emotions really. Profound. It was really touching and uplifting to see such a collective outpouring of grief, loss, love, support and anger that we’re still fighting for women to be safe.

Image Credit: Alex Delaney

“The tension did start to rise as the police started to get more involved, asking people in the crowd to disperse and eventually moving those in the bandstand on.

“Initially we were quite hesitant to go along and we were very disappointed to see it turned ugly as a result of the police’s behaviour. I have to say I was less shocked but sad to see it go that way nonetheless.”

“I had a verbal argument with one officer but nothing serious. We left as it started getting more violent as we didn’t want risk getting into any trouble.”

Callum another attendee told the Tab “the police started entering the crowds around 7pm asking people to leave Clapham Common.”

The police used force to try and remove protestors from the bandstand and benches in the common and people are horrified by the response.

Videos have been shared across social media showing women in the crowds being attacked by police officers.

Another image has been shared of a woman being pinned down by police officers as she was arrested on the bandstand.

If you attended the profile or want to share your story about what you saw at a Reclaim These Streets event please contact [email protected] or @thelondontab.


Image credits: Calum and Alex