UCL students trash Schafer Hall during coronavirus crisis

They threw a microwave and a TV out the window

Students staying in Schafer House are now facing disciplinary measures following their behaviour in the past week as multiple instances have occurred, including a microwave being thrown out of a window and hallways being trashed.

During the panic of coronavirus, UCL advised students to act with vigilance and be more responsible than normal and in most cases to return to their homes to prevent the virus spreading. However, many students have been reluctant to leave their halls or have been delayed in returning home.

Students who are still staying at Schafer told The London Tab that during the past few days the fire alarms have been set off twice, high value goods such as a microwaves and televisions have been thrown out of window, and the public spaces in the halls have been trashed.

As well as the behaviour being incredibly disrespectful towards cleaning and other halls staff who will have to now clean up the damage and mess that has been made, it is also very distressing for other students who feel as though they are ‘stuck’ in these halls as they cannot return home for various reasons.

A kettle, boxes and food waste in a Schafer elevator

Waste was thrown down the stairwell

A statement was then made by the UCL Provost, Michael Arthur, on the 18th of March, expressing his disappointment with students behaviour during this time of crisis.

He said: “We have been saddened and disappointed to hear reports of exceptionally poor behaviour in some of our halls of residence. Such poor behaviour but stop immediately and those found to be involved will be subject to UCL’s disciplinary procedures and will face termination of their studies.”

There have also been reports of other cases of damage in other halls across the UCL campus.

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