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Climate victory at UCL as it divests from fossil fuels

UCL has announced it will divest along with other eco-friendly pledges

UCL originally held around £16 million in fossil fuel shares, but from yesterday has pledged to completely divest from companies such as Royal Dutch Shell.

This declaration comes alongside a range of new climate commitments: by 2030 UCL vows to be net zero carbon, generate its own energy and provide 100 per cent vegetarian catering.

The university has announced a series of other eco-friendly measures, like a single-use plastic ban and more green space. This is great news for some UCL students, who have been campaigning for seven years to reach this point.

Sadly though, we’re behind the trend to make this change – 77 UK universities have already completely divested from fossil fuels.

Campaigners point to UCL management as being unwilling to even consider this move until it became clear these protests weren’t going away.

In a press release, UCL fossil free noted that the decision was taken as “a symbolic decision for its own ‘social capital’”, rather than out of a genuine desire to help the climate. Clearly, there’s still lots of work to be done at UCL, but this is an important step in the right direction.

Let’s hope that this positive change will influence other unis across the UK to renounce their ties to polluting industries, and inspire other students to take action.

Stay green everyone x